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In the woman’s world of orgasm, where the clitoris is the pleasure door, but stimulating G-Spot can give an enhanced deep experience of pleasure that can not be replaced by anything in this whole world.

According to female escorts, G-Spot orgasm is the most beautiful orgasm a woman can ever experience. As more you get aroused, it becomes easier to locate and stimulate the g-spot. Although not every woman can get their g-spot stimulated but there are some of the best sex positions that target and give you a perfect g-spot orgasm.

Female Escorts suggested g-spot Sex Positions

These sex positions will not only target your g-spot but also gives you an experience of super hot sex. These are:-


  • Soft serve:- Soft serve as named is a position in which spooning position gets softer to penetrate. In this position, women fold up her legs giving a perfect angle for penetration towards g-spot. This position gives direct access to the clitoris thus you can have clitoris orgasm while having g-spot stimulation.


  • Girl on fire:- In this sex position, instead of riding like a cowgirl, the girl lies on top and has an acute-angled penetration that directly hits the g-spot. This position stimulates g-spot easily when you rotate your hips to find a sweet spot.


  • Open sesame:- It is an innovative pose in which you lie on your left side wrapping your right leg around him. He straddles to your left leg. This position is so good at stimulating g-spot without any effort as you can guide him wherever you want.


  • Pop the trunk:- Pop the trunk is an advance position originated from doggy style. In this position, you lie down on your belly with pillows for support with straight legs behind. This position gives a better angle to reach the front wall of the vagina and he is in charge of the act thus you can guide his penetration just by adjusting your hips up and down.


  • Doggy style:- Doggy style gives the best stimulation for g-spot as in this position, man’s penis is naturally tilted downward thus rubbing the entire g-spot and giving you maximum stimulation. Doggy style is so versatile that you can make your custom positions by changing the angle using hands, elbows, hips, and side rotations.


  • X marks the spot:- X marks are the crossed version of scissors in which legs are crossed for a tighter fit in the vagina which in result provides stimulation to the whole wall inside the vagina and not only g-spot, but cervix stimulation including clitoris also comes in handy. You can change the position by resting legs on his shoulders, chest, or by wrapping them around his waist.


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